Toni Janke

Tel: +61 416 987 143


Toni Janke is coaching consultant, facilitator and mentor. She has worked in government, corporate and the community sector with experience in senior leadership roles and well as project and event coordination. Her professional career spans three decades working in music, media, the arts and entertainment industry, festivals as well as education, healing and well-being.

Toni is also a singer/songwriter and has written and recorded her own original music and CDs. She has performed across Australia and received national awards for her music.

Toni graduated from the University of New South Wales completing a Bachelor of Arts/Law and well as post-graduate studies from the Australian Catholic University in Ministry and Theology. She also has a Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies from Bond University, Gold Coast, QLD.

Toni has also written articles, poems and prayers and records and produces her own podcast series and meditations. Her interests are contemporary spirituality, music, swimming and spending time with her family.

Toni grew up in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. She is the eldest of three children.

“We were very lucky as kids to grow up with two young parents who encouraged us to be ourselves. I learnt from a young age that I could do or be whatever I wanted to in life, despite the fact that I experienced a lot of racism and negativity when I was young, especially growing up in Australia in the 1970s.

There is no excuse for racism. People do not come into the world judging others or putting them down. Racism is learned and thus, it can be changed. We all deserve to be treated with respect, integrity and dignity, no matter who you are or where you come from.

I was brought up to be non-judgemental and to look the best in everyone. Through my coaching business and working with others, I am able to assist others in overcoming some of the obstacles that may have been holding them back from fulfilling their goals or aspirations.

In many instances, we keep ourselves stuck in unconscious patterns that we have formed often during our childhood or youth. Be becoming aware of these patterns and removing our negative beliefs, we are free to become who we are at a deeper soul level and fulfil our destiny.

Each of us are spiritual beings living on this planet in this time and space with our own life purpose. Part of our journey is to clear unwanted baggage and uncover who we are by living authentically and lovingly in a world where we are valued and respected for our unique gifts and talents. Through my coaching sessions, I support others to reclaim their power and fully utilise their gifts and talents to serve the world.

The world needs more healers, lovers, creative beings of light and joy because there is so much sadness and negativity around us today – in the media, society, government and bureaucracy, in our institutions. We must work together to address so many contemporary issues.

However, all change begins within us - through our own individual healing and awareness. As our awareness and empathy increases, so too does our capacity for compassion, change and ultimately collective action.